Afghan at Kabul airport says water costs '40 US dollars'

Western troops at Kabul airport are working frantically to evacuate people from Afghanistan before an Aug. 31 deadline as U.S. President Joe Biden faced growing pressure to negotiate more time for the airlift of thousands trying to flee.

One Afghan, Fazl-ur-Rehman, said food and water there was selling at exorbitant prices.

"At Kabul airport, one bottle of water is selling for 40 (U.S.) dollars and plate of rice for 100 (U.S.) dollars, and not Afghani (currency) but dollars. That is out of reach for common people".

Chaos punctuated by sporadic violence has gripped the airport, with foreign troops and Afghan security guards driving back crowds clamoring to get on flights following the Taliban's takeover of the Afghan capital on Aug. 15.

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