Afghan journalists say they were beaten by Taliban

Journalists Taqi Daryabi and Neamat Naghdi from Etilaat Roz newspaper had severe bruises on their bodies from the alleged beatings.

"For about 10 minutes, about seven or eight people were beating us as much as they could," said Daryabi, adding that they were locked up in a cell following the beatings.

Naghdi said that the members of the Taliban were very young, some just in their teens.

When asked about the incident, an acting Taliban minister, who declined to be identified, said that any attack on journalists would be investigated.

Zaki Daryabi, founder and editor-in-chief of the Etilaat Roz newspaper, said the beatings sent a chilling message to the media in Afghanistan, where an independent press, much of it funded by Western donors, has flourished in the last 20 years.

Several journalists have complained of assault since the Taliban returned to power last month, and some women have said they were not allowed to carry on working in media jobs.

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