Afghan female journalist fights for women from exile

STORY: (Fawzia Saidzada, Afghan journalist and women's rights activist ) "Afghan women are courageous and full of resources as for 40 years they faced wars and they still stand up."

Location: Berlin, Germany

Afghan journalist Fawzia Saidzada fled her country after coming under Taliban pressure

"When the Taliban came, many women stayed even though there was a way for us (women) to leave. Yet, we stayed in Afghanistan to defend our people, our women, and our youth. When the Taliban came, we could not escape, they took over the whole of Afghanistan and took over power, no one could live with ease in the country."

Saidzada and her son have settled in Germany

She says she wants to set up an aid organization for young people in Afghanistan

and carry on her struggle for the rights of women and girls from abroad

"As rights activists, to save our country from the Taliban’s grip, we accepted to die for our cause, for freedom. We will resist them and risk being killed. There is no other way for us."