Afghan family reunites after 12 years apart

Emotion was high when an Afghan family reunited in France after 12 years apart.

When Shakiba Dawod, on Friday, saw her 56-year-old mother - who evacuated Kabul with other family members - she said, a weight was lifted.

"As soon as I saw my mother running to me, all this fear fell away. I took her in my arms, and I can feel her warmth. I rediscovered the smell of my mother, and it's something that I had forgotten. My mother's tears reminded me of the tears she shed when I left Afghanistan. It was really moving, a lot of emotions today.”

Dawod said her family felt they had to flee Afghanistan, with new Taliban rulers…

…especially since one brother had served in the Afghan army and was killed by the Taliban in 2019.

The family said they spent days and nights trying unsuccessfully to get beyond the crowds of people and military checkpoints blocking access to the airport.

Finally, they made it.

"I am very happy, I think that they will be able to rebuild their lives, to have a future. Whereas in Afghanistan, everything has fallen away, their hopes and their dreams crumbled, and I hope that I will be able to help them, to be able to dream and re-build their lives.”

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