Afghan ex-interpreter fears for family in Kabul

Reprisals against his family are his biggest fear.

Mokhles R, an Afghan refugee in France, is a former interpreter for coalition forces in Afghanistan - and he's terrified that puts his parents and siblings in Kabul in particular danger.

As the Taliban swept towards the capital, he couldn't get hold of them for three days.

He eventually reached his sister who said they're safe for now but afraid to leave the house.

Mokhles fled Afghanistan in 2014, and he's desperate to get them out, too.

"I'm in real trouble, just because of my work. Please, UK government, do not punish my family. Do not leave them behind, because that's going to cost lots of lives.

"Three days ago. They said 'son, because of your work, the neighbours know, if they (the Taliban) come, if they take my two brothers, that's what they're going to do, this is only the beginning, what the Taliban is doing right now, it's only a show. I'm sorry, I have pain, it's coming out. That's just only a show, in the future, the world will know what will happen, and there won't be the (news) media to show it to the world. If they take my two brothers with them to fight, I have an old mother and an old father, if by somehow they come, and by force, marry my sister with one of them, how can you imagine these things, as an eldest brother? There are two ways: either you go fight against them, or you finish your life.

"She said at the end, 'son, I'm okay, God bless you, please don't worry about us that much'.... So, we're just giving each other hope at the moment, try to survive. The only thing that is left is hope. I hope there will be changes, I hope they will evacuate my family."

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