AEW Fight Forever DLC guide to downloading FTR, The Bunny and Hook

 AEW Fight Forever
AEW Fight Forever

The AEW Fight Forever DLC campaign suddenly sprang into life with the addition of Keith Lee, The Bunny – and an entirely new game mode. It's called Stadium Stampede, and sees 30-player chaos unleashed within AEW Fight Forever. Below we look at all the other downloadable treats confirmed for the big new brawler, in your AEW Fight Forever DLC guide.

How do I get the AEW Fight Forever DLC characters?

AEW Fight Forever
AEW Fight Forever

Those familiar with WWE 2K23 DLC will be used to the structure here. There are seven playable DLC characters in total to expand your AEW Fight Forever roster. The best way to snag them all is with the game’s season pass. It's not cheap, though, costing £24.99/$29.99. That includes almost all of the extra content.

I say ‘almost’, because there’s one notable exception. Matt Hardy was the game’s pre-order bonus and while he’s now widely available, you have to pay extra for him. Hardy costs £3.99/$4.99. You do, however, get two versions of the former WWE star: standard Matt, and his ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy alter-ego. The second of those is a fiddle to get working – check out our AEW Fight Forever Broken Matt Hardy guide for the quick fix.

Aside from Hardy, individual packs cost £9.99/$11.99.

What is the AEW Fight Forever DLC release date?

AEW Fight Forever
AEW Fight Forever

There are three in total, one of which has already been and gone.

The FTR: Revival Pack was unleashed on Thursday, June 29. It contained Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, collectively known as FTR – hence the title. These guys were known as The Revival during their WWE days, so there’s also a cunning nod to AEW’s big rival in that name. The pack also includes two mini-games: JoinUs and Deth Race-X.

Next up, we got the Limitless Bunny Bundle. This contains The Bunny and Keith Lee – who narrowly missed out on the WWE 2K23 roster having been released in 2021. Also included here are two more mini-games: MJF Car Thrash and Sloth Sling. The pack was supposed to be landing on Tuesday, July 25, but in the end it didn't emerge until Thursday, August 31.

The final pack to be announced is called the Hookhausen Very Handsome Very Evil Pack, and should be incredibly popular. ECW legend Taz isn’t on the roster, but his son Hook will be as part of this pack – as will hilariously camp pugilist Danhausen. There’s no word yet on any mini-games being included, which would make this pack staggeringly expensive if it’s priced the same as its predecessors.

What is AEW Fight Forever Stadium Stampede?

AEW Fight Forever
AEW Fight Forever

Stadium Stampede Battle Royale is a free additional game mode in which you go to war with 29 other players using golf buggies, horses and anything else you can get your hands on. As the name suggests, it's set in a massive AEW stadium where there's minimal time to take stock of what's going on around you. You can tailor your loadout before each match, and improve your strike, grapple, aerial and weapon skills with every play. Sound like chaos? It is!

Can I see all that as an AEW Fight Forever DLC list?

AEW Fight Forever
AEW Fight Forever

Sure: here’s a recap of everything that’s coming, and when it’ll be out. More interested in expanding your WWE 2K23 character list? Then venture over to GR’s WWE 2K23 CAWs guide.

AEW Fight Forever Pre-Order Bonus Pack DLC (June 29)

  • Matt Hardy

  • Broken Matt Hardy

AEW Fight Forever DLC FTR: Revival Pack (June 29)

  • Cash Wheeler (FTR)

  • Dax Harwood (FTR)

  • Join Us mini-game

  • Deth Race-X

AEW Fight Forever DLC Limitless Bunny Bundle (August 31)

  • The Bunny

  • Keith Lee

  • MJF Car Thrash mini-game

  • Sloth Sling mini-game

AEW Fight Forever DLC Hookhausen Very Handsome Very Evil Pack (TBC)

  • Danhausen

  • Hook