Aerial Footage Shows Large Group of Migrants at Poland-Belarus Border

A large number of migrants were seen approaching Poland from Belarus at the Kuznica-Bruzgi border crossing on November 8 amid tensions between the countries over migration.

Aerial footage released by Poland’s Ministry of National Defense shows crowds along a stretch of road by a forested area near Kuznica.

Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak said more than 12,000 soldiers had been deployed to the border, as migrants continued attempts to enter Poland.

Poland, which has erected a fence along the border and announced plans to build a permanent barrier, has accused Belarus of “provocations at the border”.

In September, the European Commission said it would suspend certain visa arrangements with Belarus over what it said were “attempts to destabilise the EU and its member states by facilitating irregular migration for political purposes.”

The row over migration follows EU-imposed regulations on Belarus following President Alexander Lukashenko’s crackdown on protesters opposed to his 2020 re-election. Credit: Polish Ministry of National Defence via Storyful

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