Aerial Firefighting Crews Battle Combined New Mexico Wildfires

Crews on the ground and in the sky continued to work to gain control over the combined Hermits Peak/Calf Canyon wildfire in New Mexico, which grew to 160,104 acres (250 square miles) by Wednesday, May 4.

Officials said the fire was 20 percent contained as of Wednesday morning after aggressive aerial firefighting efforts the previous day.

Footage taken by Aldenlee P Quintana shows scenes from the fire in San Miguel County on Tuesday, he said.

“We’re just hoping for the best,” Quintana told Storyful via direct message. Credit: Aldenlee P Quintana via Storyful

Video transcript

- She dumped it. She dumped it, baby. This is what we're at. That's where it's at in the middle of the Canyon. We're pretty high up here. The planes are scouting it.

He's going to [AUDIO OUT]

Dump that [MUTED] Ooh! Son of a bitch.

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