AEON Malaysia introduces their personal shoppers to help with grocery shopping during MCO

Arif Zikri
One of the personal shoppers at work at AEON Taman Maluri. ― Picture via Facebook/AEON Taman Maluri Shopping Centre

KUALA LUMPUR, March 27 — AEON Retail Malaysia has introduced its own personal shoppers to assist customers with their grocery shopping amidst the movement control order (MCO).

The personal shopper services are available at all AEON retails in Malaysia but differs based on the facilities available at individual outlets.

For those who’d like to use their new service, just drop off your list of orders to one of their personal shoppers and you can wait in your car or have a seat while the personal shoppers sorts out your order.

Once done, the personal shopper will contact you when your order is ready and guide you to the appointed counter to proceed with the payment.

AEON aims to provide a safer and comfortable shopping experience to their customers with the personal shopper services during these difficult times.

However, in another related news, Twitter page “Perak Power” has come under fire after tweeting images of AEON personal shoppers and labelling them as ‘escort girls’.


“Do you know that after this, there will be a lot more family leaders who can’t wait to go grocery shopping because they will have someone to accompany them while shopping.”

“AEON have escort girls now,” said in the tweet.

Some social media users were quick to condemn the tweet with one user were seen saying that the tweet is undermining the staff’s dignity.

“Escort girl and personal shoppers are two different things. Don’t just like or retweet while you’re indirectly undermining the dignities of the staff there,” the user said.

“From what I understand, they (the personal shoppers) are only there to help us find our stuff. We wait in the car after giving our list of items to them and they will find it for us. That’s all.

“They are not going to be our escort buddy in the mall or something like that.”

“Calling somebody an escort girl is very rude! Remember that they are also someone’s daughter or mother,” another user tweeted.

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