Ady An's husband Chen Ronglian case goes to trial

8 Dec – The trial of Chen Ronglian's illegal gambling case has started on 6 December in the lower court.

Chen, who is married to actress Ady An, was detained by the police in January this year on charges of money laundering and illegal gambling operations.

The case was heard by Criminal Court No. 1, with Judge Lin Binghui as the presiding judge. Of the nine defendants in the case, Chen Ronglian was the only one who was detained and appeared in court, and was seen escorted into the courtroom by the prison guards at about 10am.

He remained silent in court. Meanwhile Ady was nowhere to be seen. The actress has been silent regarding the case since her husband's arrest.

Chen Ronglian, who is the chairman of Tak Chun Group, faces a possible maximum sentence of 20 years in prison if found guilty. In a previous report, it was revealed that Chen's case was directly linked to one involving Suncity CEO, Alvin Chau.

Ady An tied the knot with Chen (also known as Levo Chen) in 2017. The couple are parents to two children.

The couple are parents to two children
The couple are parents to two children

(Photo Source: China Times, Up Media)