Adventurers Document Stunning Mountain Trek in Snowy Tasmania

A trio of friends documented their two-day trek through Tasmania’s snowy Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park in a video uploaded to YouTube on July 15.

Hobart man Phillip Kapudija, who shot this footage, told Storyful he and his friends set off from Dove Lake on April 10 to camp at Waterfall Valley Hut. After four hours of hiking through thick snow, they made it to the hut, some nine kilometres south of Dove Lake. However, heavy overnight falls made for a harder return hike.

“We are all experienced in off-track Tasmanian winter conditions and were carrying appropriate gear and navigational equipment including [personal locator beacons],” Kapudija said. “We do not recommend others hike in these conditions without similar experience.”

In the video, at times they have difficultly keeping to the snow-covered path on the return trek despite the use of stakes to guide hikers. The treacherous conditions significantly extended the journey.

“Returning to Dove Lake on the 11th took us 8.5 hours, hiking through snow, sleet, hail, and 65 km+ winds, with snow drifts between mid-calf and waist-level,” Kapudija said. Credit: Phillip Kapudija via Storyful

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