This adorable Starfield stop-motion animation turns the Bethesda RPG into a cozy miniature world

 Starfield animation
Starfield animation

A Starfield fan known for creating miniature stop-motion-style animations has done exactly that and is giving fans a glimpse into the RPG's everyday world.

YouTuber Flurdeh is continuing their 'Tiny Game Worlds' series where they take video game worlds and make them look like a miniature display at a museum or a stop-motion animation straight from Wes Anderson's animated works. Using a technique known as Tilt-Shift photography, Flurdeh takes games such as Elden Ring, Final Fantasy 7, Red Dead Redemption, and more, and makes them look like adorable little toy playsets.

To celebrate the release of Starfield, Flurdeh has done what they do best once again and has given fans a new perspective to enjoy the new Bethesda RPG. Maybe it's the tiny people scurrying around or serene scenes, but this video makes Starfield feel so much cozier.

As an avid people watcher, it's so nice to just sit back and watch the sci-fi world go by. There's no combat or really anything particularly exciting going on in each of the areas in the video, so it almost feels like we're getting an insight into what happens in each of the locations when the player isn't present in them.

Speaking of Starfield fan creations, on the other end of the spectrum, we've recently discovered the Starfield fan who wanted to bring their favorite locomotive into the RPG. That's right, it hasn't taken long for Thomas the Tank Engine to make his way into Starfield through the game's ship customization feature.

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