This adorable rescued gibbon just wants a cuddle because he's cold

This adorable rescued gibbon from Indonesia gets chilly easily due a skin condition and loves to cling to his carer's feet all day. The male ape, named BJ, is looked after by Inyiak Ismael at a treehouse tourism park near Bukittinggi city in West Sumatra province. BJ follows Ismael wherever he goes and tries to hitch a ride by clinging to his ankles. He even wanders around calling Ismael by his first name. According to Ismael, BJ is around three years old and showed up of his own accord. "When it came, almost its entire body was suffering from skin diseases," Ismael says. "BJ is still being treated and under the supervision of veterinary clinic staff," he added. "BJ often feels cold. He is very spoiled and feels happy and calm when he's cuddled or swaddled like a baby," he added.

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