Adorable lion cub wants to get into his kennel for a nap

Aslan is a lion cub who likes to have a little nap after a good play time. He's been exploring and chasing toys for a few hours and now he's worn out. He's about to get his bottle of milk replacer and then he will be let inside his kennel where he will sleep for the rest of the afternoon.

Aslan was born in a zoo that will provide him with excellent care, lots of room to roam, and the company of other lions for socialization. But during his early weeks, Aslan is better to spend his time away from the larger lions in the pride. He is small and easily hurt at this age and lions can be territorial and dominant. Inadvertently, he might be injured if he is kept at the zoo during this time. Aslan will spend at least a month in a foster home to allow him to gain the size and strength that he will need to withstand the rough play of other young lions.

Aslan's time in the foster home will also help him gain trust for his human caregivers, which will be important for their safety as they look after him as an adult.

Aslan's home is in a facility that provides researchers with access to lions to study their health, development, and reproduction. This knowledge is used for the development of conservation programs that ultimately benefit lions and their populations around the world. He will be part of well controlled outreach and education programs that promote conservation and ethical treatment of animals.

Many zoos and captive breeding facilities provide excellent care for their animals and they contribute greatly to the conservation of animals in the wild. Their status and their level of commitment can be easily checked through organizations like Zoocheck. It is important to support only the organizations that provide proper care for their animals.