These adorable dwarf rabbits probably had a more romantic Valentine's Day than you

This was the adorable moment a duo of Netherlands dwarf rabbits enjoyed a bowl of "bunny-safe" spaghetti meatballs on Valentine's Day this year. Footage shows 1-year-old Esme and Timothy, left and right respectively, as they enjoy a romantic meal together. The meal was prepared by healthcare worker Maeve Nguyen - who goes by The Bunny Fiesta on YouTube - who used fruit and bunny pellets to create the dish. Maeve told Newsflare: "I made these videos out of sheer boredom during the quarantine, but kept going because I remembered how much I enjoyed arts and crafts projects like when I was in elementary school. "I used to make awesome dioramas back then, now I throw elaborate parties (and catering) for my two bunnies. "I think it was time well spent."