Adorable calves line up for morning bottle feeding

JuJube and Josie are very fortunate calves who are living the good life on a wonderful farm in Ontario, Canada. It's known as ethical farming and the cows here roam freely, grazing on lush green grass. They have vast acres of rolling meadow as well as forested areas for shade. They can drink fresh water from ponds and they have a large and protective bull who watches over them as he grazes and does his other duties. The farmers here are as concerned with heard health and happiness as they are with the business aspects of running a farm and everything that they produce for their table or for the cows is organic and ethically grown. Life here is as close as possible to what nature intended for these gentle souls. The cows here respond very well to the kindness they are shown and they are remarkably trusting of their human caregivers. The white calf in this video is JuJube and he has been struggling with an infection that he developed due to inadequate colostrum after birth. His mother, Bernise is a devoted mother and she put in a wonderful effort, but JuJube is now struggling. He cannot get to his feet and he cannot nurse easily without help. The farmers and a farm hand have teamed up to provide him with the help he needs. He gets fed extra milk every morning and evening and he is helped to his feet to nurse several times each day. He even gets washed to keep him clean and healthy because the last thing he needs now is another type of infection. JuJube has been receiving veterinary care and he's given anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, and some pain relief medication. He's a fighter and he has lots of people in his corner who will not give up on him. Josie is another little calf who is getting some help. She was born healthy enough but her mother, MJ just does not have enough milk for her. Josie also gets a large bottle of milk every morning and every night, as well as all the milk that he mother can provide. Josie comes running when she is called, licking her lips as she hurries toward her bottle. As JuJube was getting his breakfast, Josie came looking for hers too and Dave had his hands full feeding both at once. These cows are incredibly relaxed about all of this. Normally, approaching a newborn calf would not be acceptable to a new mother and humans would be wise to keep their distance. But on this farm, the animals have learned that they can trust their people and they allow the calves to be handled without any concern. In fact, Dave actually helps JuJube to his feet and washes him while Bernise grazes contentedly very close by. Even if JuJube cries out as he struggles to get his legs under him, Bernise will not act aggressively. Farms like these can be found in most places. When looking for a place to buy food, it's worth supporting farmers like these who do their best for their animals and refuse to take shortcuts to increase profits.