Adorable Baby Bat Recovering After Being 'Roughed Up' by Dogs

An adorable baby bat is recovering after a dog attack, thanks to Queensland-based carers who have been nurturing her back to health.

Footage posted online by Denise Wade, who has been caring for injured baby bats for more than a decade, shows the young bat — named June — looking a little worse for wear after the incident.

In the video, a volunteer named Bec can be heard explaining: “We think that perhaps her mum left the colony and had an accident and wasn’t able to return.”

“She’s not big enough to be flying for herself, but if they are left in a colony without their mums, they’ll sometimes try to go and find their own food,” she said.

According to the video caption, June was “roughed up” by two dogs, and it’s “a miracle” that she survived.

Fortunately, more recent footage of June shared on June 7 shows the pup in good health. Credit: Batzilla the Bat via Storyful

Video transcript

- This is little June. I'm Batzilla's voice for the day because she's lost hers. So you won't be able to hear her.

Little June, we think that perhaps her mom left the colony and had an accident and was unable to return because she's not big enough to be flying for herself. But if they are left in the colony without their mums, they'll sometimes try to go and find their own food.

And she's not particularly good at flying at this point and she's managed to find herself in someone's backyard and been attacked by a dog.

Often dog attacks don't turn out too well. But she's made it to us. And she's a bright happy little thing.

- Of course, we've had, apologies for my voice, but we've had a little run of with the wet weather of really nasty dog attacks.

- Yes, we've had a number.

- So we need people to understand that these animals are not getting what they need when the rain is in because the rain washes up the pollen and nectar. And to please keep your pets inside if at all possible or at least away from fig trees.

- And if you do have low hanging fig trees that the dog could potentially reach from the yard, it's good to cut them up so that the dog can't jump up to any bat that's in them.

- She was extremely lucky, wasn't she?

- She's very, very lucky.

- She's very thin. She's very thin for her forearm, which leads us to believe that she has something's happened to mama.

- Yeah. And she was very frightened when she came in but she started to understand that she's being looked after now. So she's letting us do what we need to do and--

- She's a sweetie, Bec.

- She is. She's very sweet. She eats very well. She sleeps a lot. And we're just so pleased that she's managed to come out of it OK.

- So you were taking her home today?

- Yes. If Batzilla lets me out of the house of [INAUDIBLE] she'll come to me.

- Oh, good baby there. Probably the end of the season. So that's fine. All right, we might get her back into bed, then. Thanks, Bec.

- No worries.

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