Adidas under pressure to find a Yeezy fix

STORY: Adidas is struggling to shake off Kanye West's legacy.

The company cut ties with the musician due to his anti-Semitic comments last year.

But it's been stuck with unsold shoes from West's Yeezy brand ever since, and has yet to decide what to do with them.

To write off the Yeezy stock entirely could cost Adidas $700 million this year, according to the sportswear giant.

Markets may hear more on Friday (May 5) when Adidas reports reports first-quarter results.

Investors hope new CEO Bjorn Gulden can turn Adidas around, even though Yeezy looms over the firm.

Gulden said the German company had been in talks over the footwear, but there are no easy fixes.

The value of Yeezy shoes has risen in the resale market since Adidas stopped producing them.

Some models have more than doubled in price.

If Adidas sells the shoes it has left, the American Jewish Committee has an idea

The organization said any proceeds from Yeezy sales should go towards efforts to fight antisemitism.

In March, Gulden said the company could donate the proceeds of the Yeezy sale to charities.

But Adidas has given no updates since.