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'Socks of the gods': These cushy Adidas pairs — down to $2 a pop — have built-in arch support

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Shoes might get the most attention when it comes to comfortable footwear, but socks deserve some love, too! You could be wearing the cushiest sneakers in the world, but if your socks are thin and flimsy? Yep, there's that painful foot friction we've all experienced. Your feet deserve better, and these Adidas Cushioned Socks are just the ticket. Not only do they have arch compression, they're moisture-wicking to help keep sweat at bay, and their quarter height means extra protection against blisters. Right now you can grab a 6-pack on sale for $12, down from $22.

Two things you don't need: achy feet and smelly feet. Here's the dual prevention you do need.
$12 at Amazon

Why are these cushioned socks so popular? For starters, they give you a plush landing pad to help your feet feel comfortable step after step. Plus, the built-in arch compression means that annoying sock slippage is a thing of the past. As one reviewer wrote, these comfy socks provide a nice secure fit: "These little gems hug your feet."

Another benefit is that these socks are made from a moisture-wicking material. Let's face it, keeping our feet covered up in socks and shoes can mean sweaty feet — and who wants that? Having socks that draw moisture away from our feet is essential if we want to avoid the discomfort and odor of moist tootsies (and the ire of our significant other).

Adidas Cushioned Socks in black
Over 2,400 reviewers gave these comfy cushioned socks perfect five-star ratings. (Photo: Amazon)

In addition to cradling your feet for extra support, these cushioned socks are also very durable. "They wash and wear well," said one satisfied customer. "After at least 15 washes they've not lost their cushioning or compression abilities." They went on to say, "They seem to help with foot fatigue and aching. I love wearing them when running or when I know I'll be on my feet all day."

This reviewer loved them so much, they referred to them as "socks of the gods." They added, "These socks are the best. So comfy, cushy, not to mention soft." Another raved, "These socks make it feel like you're walking on clouds. They also provide excellent arch support for people with high arches."

Each pack includes three pairs, and while the classic black variety is the one you'll find on sale, they also come in gray or white with colorful logos. Whichever you choose, they're a great price considering how much comfier your feet will feel in them.

'These socks are THE BEST. So comfy, cushy, not to mention soft,' says one happy shopper.
$12 at Amazon

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