Addison Lee integrates what3words technology for precision drop-offs

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<p>Addison Lee has integrated what3words technology</p> (Addison Lee)

Addison Lee has integrated what3words technology

(Addison Lee)

Addison Lee has revealed that its bookings are to offer the latest precision location and drop-off technology.

The private hire firm's integration of what3words geolocation services - which are routinely used by the Metropolitan Police and other emergency services - will see it become first in the sector to offer the feature.

What3words technology works by dividing up areas into precise three-metre squares with a unique three-word reference. If a user wants to guide a driver directly to them, the driver will just need to enter those three words and they will arrive directly to the user's location.

The technology will be available across all phone, web and app-based bookings, and allow customers to book specific drop-off points at venues, such as a certain hospital wing entrance or deliveries entrance.

It will also enable the firm's drivers to quickly locate harder-to-find London addresses and pick-up-points, enabling safer late-night and early-morning travel.

The company said it decided to integrate the technology after research showed just 34% of UK postcodes actually direct drivers to the front door, withthe majority identifying only a building, street or, in some cases, a general area.

Liam Griffin, Addison Lee’s CEO said: "Our partnership with what3words will give us the extra accuracy to get our customers and deliveries to the exact right location."

App-based rivals including Uber and Bolt also offer precision drop-offs.

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