‘Adapt or Die': The Changes Indie Films Have Made to Survive | PRO Insight

Jim Cirile
·1-min read

Ah, the good old days. Make an indie genre film, keep the costs low, and you were almost guaranteed to make a profit — even if the film wasn’t any good. Now? Many revenue streams have dwindled or outright vanished, and indie producers are facing unprecedented competition from the entire world. It’s been tough for years. DVD/Blu-Ray revenue is basically gone. Foreign sales for U.S.-made indies have been shrinking, in part due to market over-saturation, as well as foreign production companies producing more content than ever before — which translates to reduced demand for American indie movies from international buyers. Unless your feature gets picked up at a film festival as a Netflix or Amazon original, it’s tough to make money streaming. A savvy foreign sales agent used to be able to guess a film’s potential revenue within 10-15%, according to Artist View Entertainment President Scott Jones. “But with everything turning to streaming, it’s hard to quantify. (Once) you pretty much knew how many DVDs were gonna get shipped. You had a pretty good idea of what your bottom line was,” Jones said. “Now you don’t know.” And because many Netflix sales are a flat deal, Jones says “it doesn’t...

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