Adam Woodyatt on being Ian Beale, motorhome living and his new life as a Chef

Soap royalty Adam Woodyatt joins Kate to chat all things CarFest, separating himself from the character of Ian Beale after several decades on Eastenders, and his new life as a nomadic chef, living out of a motorhome.

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Video transcript


ADAM WOODYATT: Ian wasn't always-- that character evolved over years and years and years. There's been-- it's been a very, very long journey, which is something you can do with a soap, and you can see how the characters change and evolve over the years. There really was nowhere-- nowhere to go. So that's where we currently are.

KATE THORNTON: So at the moment, he's recovering from being poisoned, right?

ADAM WOODYATT: I think at the moment, he's on the circle line. He can't work out where to get off.

KATE THORNTON: Just doing a loop.

ADAM WOODYATT: Yeah. He found a night tube and he stayed on it. But what I did was because of COVID I thought, right, I don't really want to be staying in hotels all the time and just living out of a suitcase because I got the motorhome before the tour started. So I thought, right, I need to learn how to do everything because it's a lot more complicated than when it was my nan's caravan when I was seven years old. And literally after two days, because my daughter was living with me at the time, I literally phoned her up and said, Jess, when are you moving to America? Make sure you clear your room out because it won't be here when you get back.


What? I said, yeah. I said, I'm enjoying living in the motorhome so much, and I think I'm going to stick to it.

KATE THORNTON: I mean, if I had told you four or five years ago that this would be your life now, would you have been on board with that? Would you have thought, yeah, that sounds like a bit of me?

ADAM WOODYATT: No, I would have thought you'd have had so many wines at your Question Time.


It has been a massive part of making me who I am, but Ian and Adam are two completely different entities. Yes, we look alike. Yes, we sound alike. We behave completely differently.

KATE THORNTON: I'd hope so.

ADAM WOODYATT: Yes, I would as well because--


s not-- he's not the best.


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