Adam Levine shows off striking butterfly neck tattoo: 'When Instagram goes down ... tattoo your throat'

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When Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat shut down this week, many people saw it as an opportunity to self-reflect… not including Adam Levine.

Instead, the singer and songwriter took it as an opportunity to get an impressive neck tattoo, featuring a butterfly caught in a spider web, just above his pre-existing clavicle tattoo that reads “Family.”

NFL Football - Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams - Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. - February 3, 2019. Adam Levine of Maroon 5 performs during the halftime show. REUTERS/Mike Segar
Adam Levine now has a new neck tattoo to add to his collection of body art. (Photo: REUTERS/Mike Segar)

"Wise man once said... when Instagram goes down... tattoo your throat..." his name was @nathan_kostechko," Levine captioned on Instagram alongside a photo featuring that tat.

It’s unclear whether Kostechko, a Los Angeles–based artist, designed the tattoo or not. But one thing is for sure: Fans can’t get enough of it.

“Love!” wrote Vanessa Bryant, widow of the late Kobe Bryant.

“This looks so cool!” one fan wrote, with another adding, “Beautiful sweetheart.”

Other commenters saw double meanings in the work. "It's exactly what's going on in the world," one wrote. "The Web being the government and the Butterfly being us."

"Just don’t tattoo your face," a concerned fan added, with another chiming in, "Hahahaha next time Instagram goes down I’ll tattoo too."

Of course, Levine is known for sparing no expense or time when it comes to turning his body into a piece of art. In August, it was reported that the singer spent two days getting a leg tattoo.

In a video on Instagram, he shared footage of the session with artist Bill Canales, which he said took a total of 13 hours to create.

And last week the singer posted a black and white photo of himself hanging from a door frame, and captioning it "inappropriate." In the pic, he's seen wearing nothing but short, tight briefs as he shows off his muscles and various tattoos.

Clearly, Levine isn't stepping away from the tattoo needle anytime soon.