Adam Kinzinger Says No One Will Admit to Trump Support in 5-10 Years: ‘He’s Becoming a Cancer’ (Video)

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Rep. Adam Kinzinger predicted Tuesday that Trump supporters will hide their affiliation with former President Donald Trump in the coming years.

“I firmly believe, in five or 10 years, you will not find a single person in this country that will admit to having supported Donald Trump,” the Republican congressman told CNN’s Brianna Keilar, calling Trumpism a “cancer.”

“He’s becoming a cancer,” Kinzinger said, noting a predicted similarity between Republicans who eventually abandoned their loyalty for Richard Nixon. “Trumpism is a cancer and there will be people, like Nixon, that never admit they supported him in five to 10 years.”

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Kinzinger also admitted to Keilar that the Jan. 6 hearings are “very one-sided,” noting that primarily Republicans appointed by Trump have testified.

Prompted by clips of Trump supporters claiming that the committee hearings were favoring the Democratic side, Kinzinger set the record straight that the hearing has only heard testimonies from “maybe one or two” Democratic witnesses.

“It’s a very one-sided hearing process…. I’ll give them that,” the Illinois representative said, “It is only Republicans coming in and testifying.”

He went on to say that Trump supporters “are being lied to and manipulated,” pointing to falsities that have circulated within the party, such as the incorrect claim that Nancy Pelosi controls the National Guard.

Due to the slew of lies created by Trump and his supporters, Kinzinger asserted that Trump supporters will avoid disclosing their previous loyalty in the near future.

After Kinzinger previously hinted that the Jan. 6 committee would meet in the future for more hearings, Liz Cheney announced last week that the committee would return in September.

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