'Acts of Hate Towards People Who Look Like Me': Police Chief Appeals After Asian-American Woman Attacked

A police chief in Los Gatos, California, has linked what police are investigating as a local hate crime to the nationwide concern over attacks on Asian-Americans, after a woman of Filipino descent was shoved to the ground in the town on March 30.

In a video statement released on April 1, Los Gatos Police Chief Peter Decena appealed for the public’s help in locating the suspect, who allegedly shoved the 40-year-old healthcare worker from behind.

The woman, described by police as “one of our medical heroes” was wearing her scrubs at the time of the attack. As she was falling she heard someone say, “Go back to China,” police said.

“As a person of both Asian and Pacific Islander descent, I have been watching with shock and dismay at the continuing acts of violence and hate being directed towards people who look like me,” Los Gatos Police Chief Decena said.

“It is happening all across our country, but I am here today asking for your help in the hate crime that occurred in our own town,” he said.

Chief Decena also appealed to minorities regarding the importance of reporting a crime.

“I know from experience that many Asian-Americans, and especially seniors, are often reluctant to report crimes against them,” he said. “We need to make sure that our family and friends understand how important it is to report these types of incidents.”

Police said the suspect in the March 30 attack was either a while male with tanned skin or a Latino male, wearing a bicycle helmet and neck gaiter, and have asked the public to come forward with any information. Credit: Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department via Storyful