Actress Sharifah Amani fumes after being secretly filmed in public, turned into meme

Tan Mei Zi
Many initially believed that the clip was taken on a film set but Sharifah later said that was not the case. — Picture via Instagram

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 13 — Actress Sharifah Amani has expressed privacy concerns after a video of her was shared on Twitter without her consent.

The clip, which shows Sharifah reacting with shock to something on her phone, has since gone viral and is being widely used as a reaction meme to various situations.

According to a tweet from the Sepet star, the video was taken without her knowledge.

“I guess things like this are okay now.

“Capturing people without their permission, putting whatever caption you like to it, and then posting it on social media,” she wrote.



In a reply to another user, the 33-year-old said she is more than happy to meet with fans of her work but draws the line at being recorded without her permission.

“I’m so okay with meeting people who genuinely like my work and want a picture or a few moments speaking with me.

“I thank them every time. But this pseudo paparazzi behaviour is just disappointing lah.”



Sharifah added that it’s not just celebrities who have to deal with sneaky shutterbugs as many ordinary folks often find themselves becoming overnight meme sensations thanks to photos or videos that were taken without their permission.



Some of Sharifah’s followers said that they initially believed the clip was taken behind the scenes for a movie or a drama before she spoke up.

One of the most popular tweets using the clip in question was made by Twitter user @SedapTidur and has gotten more than 7,000 retweets so far.

“Me when I saw Zul Ariffin’s video,” he wrote, referring to a steamy clip which allegedly shows the actor pleasuring himself.

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