Actress Intan Najuwa’s fiancé clears the air over cryptic Instagram post, denies stress on relationship

Sylvia Looi

File photo showing Intan Najuwa and her co-star Zul Ariffin during a boat ride in Langkawi. The actress' fiance has denied his relationship with his wife-to-be was on the rocks. — Picture via Instagram/ intannajuwa

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 18 — The fiancé of actress Intan Najuwa has denied their relationship is on the rocks following a cryptic message posted on his Instagram.

Razrul Anwar Rusli, 38, said the post was not targeted at Intan but rather a general statement.

He had earlier posted, “There will be time in your life to choose being loved or being respected. Always choose being respected. 

“Love without respect always fleeting [sic]... But that respect could grow into real lasting love.”

Many had spread screenshots of his posting, assuming it was related to gossip related to Intan.

The actress had come under fire from keyboard warriors recently over a photo showing her with Setelahku Dimiliki co-star Zul Ariffin’s hand on her thigh during a boat ride in Langkawi.

She previously also attracted similar criticism when she uploaded a photo of actor Idris Khan playfully lifting her into the air. 

“The statement was made in a general manner. It is just a reminder to me. 

“I always update motivational stuff and share items that are positive on Instagram. Never negative,” Razrul told Malay portal mStar.

The businessman added that he does not follow the work of artistes as it was different from his field.

Meanwhile, Razrul said he was in the process of “guiding” Intan for their future as husband and wife.

He, however, said it was done without force as he understood Intan’s career.

“I always advise Intan for our future. I do not like to force...I understand her wholeheartedly. 

“Mother also asked me to advise and guide her. Alhamdulillah, the family accepts my choice,” he said.

Razrul also did not blame any parties over the controversy.

“This issue was purposely highlighted by the media or certain parties for their own interests. The same with politics.”

“I do not harbour any anger against anyone. It is the norm in life to be criticised,” he added, noting that he also gave his blessings to Intan to continue acting after they are married.

Razrul and Intan got engaged on August 18 in conjunction with the actress’s 22nd birthday.

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