Actress Ifa Raziah surprises 17-year-old son with BMW for his birthday, ‘warns’ him to do well in SPM (Video)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 21 — Local actress, singer and businesswoman Ifa Raziah has gifted a BMW car to her son, Muhamad Shakir Aqili Mohd Yani, for his 17th birthday.

Through a video shared on her social media, Ifa said the gift was in conjunction with Aqili’s birthday which was on November 19.

According to Ifa, the older BMW 3 Series model has been her son’s dream car.

In the video, the 47-year-old celebrity was seen presenting the surprise to Aqili, who thanked his mum with a hug.

Ifa was heard giving her son a ‘warning’ to do well in his SPM examination. She also informed the public that her son still doesn’t have a driving licence and that he will get one soon.

Aqili was seen with a big smile on his face, and also asked for prayers from everyone for his exams before taking his new Beamer for a spin.

“Mama and papa’s sweetheart, your smile and happiness made us stronger. We will give only the best for you.

“As you grow in age, we hope that Aqili would become wiser and would make mama and papa happy,” Ifa wrote in her caption.

Ifa ended the video by showing off her three BMW cars, with Aqili’s 3 Series being added to the mix.

Ifa’s posts on Instagram have garnered over 21,000 views with over 600 likes. There were also over 50 comments from her followers, wishing Aqili happy birthday and the best of luck.

“MasyAllah, may Aqili get excellent results for his SPM, amin,” commented local celebrity couple, Khai and Rosma.

“This is an old school car, there’s demand for it. Happy Birthday and good luck on your SPM,” commented user @eynnawahid.