Actress Eyka Farhana criticised on social media over her sexy dressing, prefers to keep quiet (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 6 — Actress Eyka Farhana does not let negative comments on social media affect her, for the sake of mental health.

This followed criticism made by social media users that the 27-year-old likes to don revealing clothes.

According to Eyka, opinions over her sexy dressing are subjective. She added that she has kept a sexy image for a long time.

“People have long known I am like that (sexy). I do wear shorts,” Kosmo quoted her as saying, adding that she prefers to keep quiet rather than respond to the comments.

Eyka said her fans might be shocked over her dressing as they are used to seeing her decently attired in her movies.

The Autumn In Wales actress came under fire recently when she said she was shy when attending events.

Social media users sarcastically responded that she was okay when revealing her body on social media.

Eyka, whose real name is Wan Atiqa Farhana Wan Sarmizi, also refused to confirm whether she was in a relationship with footballer Akhyar Rashid.

"I do not want to comment about personal matters. I feel it is better to zip my mouth and keep quiet rather than getting criticised."