Actress Chantalle Ng had to hide in cafe from male fan who was following her

The actress recounted the 'uncomfortable' situation and how the staff at Chen Diya's cafe at the Esplanade were quick to help

Chantalle Ng in black top (right) and Lin Meijiao in white top (left) smiling.
Chantalle Ng (right), daughter of veteran actress Lin Meijiao (left), once had a male fan trail her in Esplanade. (Photo: Instagram/linmeijiao_)

In a country like Singapore, which has some of the lowest crime rates in the world and has stories about individuals leaving their laptops unguarded, it might be easy to take one's safety for granted.

Some celebrities have even said Singapore fans are pretty relaxed and respectful.

However, local actress Chantalle Ng once had a scary encounter with a male fan who was following her.

Ng, 27, told Lianhe Zaobao that the incident occurred over a year ago when she was alone at Esplanade.

The male fan followed her and asked to take a photo with her, but after taking the photo, he continued following her and asked to take more photos.

It is unclear whether this was someone she recognised.

Felt 'uncomfortable' and 'a little unsafe'

She said, “His behaviour made me uncomfortable. I’ve tried to tell him nicely that we’ve taken a lot of photos and if he wanted more, we can do so at a fan event. However, he continued trailing me.

“I felt a little unsafe and I didn’t want him following me to my next destination. Then I suddenly thought of [Chen] Diya’s cafe on the second floor.”

Ng is the daughter of veteran actress Lin Meijiao and former actor Huang Yiliang.

Though she has been acting since 2013, she saw a meteoric rise in her popularity after her turn as Mei Fangcao in the 2021 drama My Star Bride.

Unsurprisingly, the fan followed Ng to the cafe, and though it was closed, the staff were still there.

Though the local singer wasn’t around, the cafe staff saw how distressed and scared Ng was.

“They saw a man following me, touching me, and asking to take photos. They immediately let me in and kept him out,” she recalled.

The male fan remained undeterred and waited outside the cafe, but the cafe staff helped her out and one of them even accompanied Ng to her next destination.

She admitted that the incident has left “a deep impression on me” because of how rarely it occurs.

That said, Ng remains positive about most of her fan interactions.

“My fans are like my friends,” she said, “They are very protective of me.”

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