Actress Barbie Hsu denies ex-mother-in-law's claims that she and her sister take drugs

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 25 — Taiwanese star Barbie Hsu has denied drug abuse claims by ex-mother-in-law, Chinese entrepreneur Zhang Lan.

The actress parted ways with ex-husband Wang Xiaofei in November 2021 and took him to court for failing to pay alimony on Tuesday (Nov 22).

After Wang denied not paying for child support, Zhang posted a statement on Weibo later that day, slamming Barbie and her sister, Taiwanese TV host Dee Hsu.

The 63-year-old accused Barbie and Dee of “using drugs every day” and shared voice messages between herself and Hsu’s mother.

Zhang claimed Barbie’s lawyers took advantage of Wang in an attempt to take more of his money. She also accused Barbie of cheating on Wang with her current husband, Korean rapper DJ Koo.

Barbie spoke out against these accusations in a six-point statement posted on Facebook on Wednesday (Nov 23).

According to the statement, the actress claimed that neither she nor her sister is able to take drugs due to their poor heart condition.

“A person has to be responsible for his or her own decisions, you can blame me for everything but don’t blame the innocent.” she wrote.

She added that she has “no energy to be bothered to cheat”, stating that it was difficult to end a decade-long marriage.

Barbie stated that Wang has still not paid NT$5 million (RM733,490), of which he claims is to be given to his children.

“But he blocked me so I could not remind him immediately, causing him to breach the agreement and inadvertently break the law,” Barbie wrote.

However, Barbie concluded her statement by wishing Wang and Zhang well in their businesses despite the ongoing drama.