Actor Naim Daniel calls out Telegram group for online piracy and leaking of local TV series ‘Projek High Council’

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 18 — Local actor-singer Naim Daniel is calling out a Telegram group for the online piracy of Malaysian series Projek High Council.

Naim who plays Ayam in the show has taken to his Instagram to share a screenshot of the Telegram group called ‘Projek High Council’. Naim alleged that the group has been illegally distributing and leaking episodes from the series.

In the screenshot, the messaging and media sharing group has a total of 6,159 members and they appear to have access to the ninth episode of the series, although the show just released its sixth episode today.

Naim expressed his frustration by pointing out that the production crews have been working day and night to finish the show, adding that there are those who sacrificed their family time for it.

He claimed that there were those who suffered injuries during the shooting of the show.

"Day and night, for those who had worked tirelessly on preparations, not within days but months. All to be distributed freely as if it was all just a game.

"I hope to all the illegal distributors, the viewers, the paymaster and the customers; may you all sleep and rest well, day and night,” he wrote in the caption.

This is not the first time the Kudrat singer has spoken out on social media regarding the leaking of the show.

He was seen asking his followers to ignore and report the piracy groups and asked them to watch the series through the proper channel.

A brief check by Malay Mail on Telegram shows that there are several groups distributing the series, with some appearing to have the full first season of the series.

Projek High Council is currently available on Astro and Astro Go.