Actor Mark Bonnar is moved to tears over a quote he read from his father

Kate Thornton talks to actor Mark Bonnar about the loving quote his father gave to a national newspaper about his son's career.

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Video transcript

KATE THORNTON: I've read a beautiful quote from your dad, Stan. Stan is an artist, right? And it was in "The Times," and he says, I'm proud of Mark. When I first saw him on telly, I felt this immense wave of pride, absolutely gobsmacked pride. Max from Guilt is probably my favorite character.

He's played, "watching Mark in that show, all I could see was this explosion of talent that he's developed over the years. And that's it, straight up, just so much talent. And when Mark and I were filming the documentary," you did a documentary with your dad, "I was able to bask in the reflected glory of that talent just a wee bit. People recognized Mark. They recognized my son and wanted him. And they wanted to talk to him about his work. And I hope this doesn't make me sound like a silly bugger, but it gave me a warm glow inside. That's my boy you're talking about. That's my wee boy."


KATE THORNTON: Ain't that beautiful?

MARK BONNAR: Yeah, it's lovely. I haven't read that, actually. I don't think.

KATE THORNTON: You should.

MARK BONNAR: Well, you've just read out to me, made me cry. So [LAUGHS] it's gorgeous.

KATE THORNTON: And I just thought, what a beautiful love letter. And that is-- just so from the heart, that was so unfiltered.