Actor John Barrowman witnesses Berlin car crash

STORY: In videos posted to his Twitter account, Barrowman recalled how he saw the car drive into a crowd of people.

"The car came down onto the pavement. Then it has come onto the road over there, has hit somebody and has gone down the road and come back on to the pavement, down that ... down that way and come back onto the pavement and gone through a bunch of people, gone through the photographs that I posted of a cafe and then right into a storefront window," said Barrowman. He added that there was a "dead body in the middle of the road" and that there were a lot of people walking with injuries.

Barrowman went on to thank a friend, a former military, for advising him and his husband Scott Gill to take cover behind a tree. Barrowman is most known for his role as Captain Jack Harkness in the British television shows Doctor Who and Torchwood.

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