Activists target Wall St on climate change

In a likely preview of what is to come next week when world leaders descend upon New York for the United Nation’s annual General Assembly and Climate Week…

About 50 climate activists set up shop Friday outside of the NY Headquarters of Bank of America.

The protesters, who staged a sit-in outside BofA’s corporate office, said the world isn’t moving fast enough to tackle climate change.

They also accused Bank of America and the rest of Wall Street’s biggest banks of continuing to profit from the fossil fuel industry.

Extinction Rebellion Acting Coordinator Presleigh Hayashiga:

"I would love to see people who are actually talking about the climate crisis realistically and not making, you know, 20-year plans, 30-year plans. We can't talk about 2050 or 2030 anymore. We have to immediately stop fossil fuel investment. And so that's why we're here. We're asking for immediate action from these banks. So we're also targeting today, we've also targeted, Chase Bank and Citibank."

The protests were largely peaceful but resulted in some arrests.

The demonstration was reminiscent of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which kicked off 10 years ago, but on a much larger scale.

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