Activists douse French health ministry in red paint

French activists doused the country's health ministry with red paint on Saturday (June 20).

They say it symbolizes the blood of those who died from COVID-19 and acts as a protest against poor working conditions for healthcare staff.

Here's Aurelie Trouve, a spokesperson for 'Attac', the group behind the protest.

"For years, health workers have been alerting us on the fact they don't have enough resources with regards to staff, beds, equipment to be able to give us care decently."

The activists also placed a so-called 'Medal of Contempt' on the steps of the ministry, which they said highlights the government's failure to listen to healthcare workers' concerns.

"This action symbolizes that the government, this government, has blood on its hands, is liable for thousands of deaths, and we also came to award it with the 'medal of contempt,' just as it awarded useless medals to health workers."

President Emmanuel Macron's government has decided to pay a $1,676 bonus to public sector healthcare workers in recognition of their role during the coronavirus outbreak.

But many in the sector feel the government should do more.

Violence broke out earlier this week at another protest held by healthcare workers in Paris.