Activists at Contested Mine Site Cheer as Excavator Comes to 'Standstill'

Activists at the site of a German village threatened with demolition to make way for a coal mine expansion were urging others to come join their efforts on January 9, according to an appeal on their website.

Footage posted to Twitter by user @WikiRogi shows protesters in Lutzerath cheering and clapping as a huge bucket-wheel excavator stops turning and police look on.

The activist group Initiative Lutzerath urged people who want to join the action to prepare themselves for the long haul, saying the “evacuation attempt will take one to six weeks”.

Activists said the lignite mine expansion goes against Germany’s pledges under the Paris Agreement, Deutsche Welle reported.

The village of Lutzerath has no permanent residents, according to Deutsche Welle. Credit: @WikiRogi via Storyful

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