“The Acolyte”, “Fantasmas”, and a country-dance track from Orville Peck and Kylie Minogue lead this week's Must List

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Emmys season is over, long live Emmys season! Even though we just had a strike-delayed ceremony in January, things are already kicking into gear for the next one in September — with nomination voting officially opening next week. If you want a good idea of who might score a nom on July 17, our TV critic Kristen Baldwin has put together her predictions for all the big categories. And if that’s not enough, check out our latest issue with The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert on the cover for more on all the contenders (including Survivor host Jeff Probst, who hasn’t been nominated in 24 seasons… just sayin’).  —Patrick Gomez, Editor-in-Chief

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<p>HBO; Getty Images; Disney +</p> Julio Torres; Orville Peck and Kylie Minogue; Amandla Stenberg

HBO; Getty Images; Disney +

Julio Torres; Orville Peck and Kylie Minogue; Amandla Stenberg

The Acolyte

<p>Lucasfilm Ltd.</p> Amandla Stenberg on 'The Acolyte'

Lucasfilm Ltd.

Amandla Stenberg on 'The Acolyte'

The latest (and I’m just going to say it — greatest!) Star Wars streaming series (out now on Disney+) features the most epic franchise fight scenes since Darth Maul crossed lightsabers with Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The High Republic-set story revolves around a central mystery: Why is one twin killing off Jedi, and can the other one stop her? Amandla Stenberg shines, pulling double duty as Mae and Osha, and if all that is not enough to convince you, we have two simple words: Wookie Jedi. —Dalton Ross, Editorial Director

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<p>Monica Lek/HBO</p> 'Fantasmas' creator Julio Torres

Monica Lek/HBO

'Fantasmas' creator Julio Torres

I’ll never forgive HBO for canceling Los Espookys, but giving us Fantasmas (out now) may help. The surrealist, guest-star packed spectacle (um, Aidy Bryant selling “toilet dresses”!) follows creator Julio Torres as he finds the fantastic in the mundane, scouring NYC for a lost earring and working to avoid the burdens of conformity. —Kristen Baldwin, TV Critic

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Every Outfit podcast

<p>Every Outfit</p> 'Every Outfit' podcast

Every Outfit

'Every Outfit' podcast

Imagine you’re grabbing dinner with your two most chic, witty, and pop culture-obsessed besties. This weekly podcast makes that a reality as hosts Lauren Garroni and Chelsea Fairless dish on TV shows, movies, and fashion — and every so often rewatch an episode of Sex and the City. A cheeseburger, large fries, and a cosmopolitan, please! —Calie Schepp, Social Media Editor

"Midnight Ride" by Orville Peck and Kylie Minogue featuring Diplo

<p>Chad Salvador/Shutterstock </p> Orville Peck and Kylie Minogue

Chad Salvador/Shutterstock

Orville Peck and Kylie Minogue

Time to get out your cowboy boots and mirror ball! Kylie Minogue and Orville Peck effortlessly blend disco and country, bringing beloved DJ and music producer Diplo with them, for a dance-track single we can all vibe to. —Alamin Yohannes, Social Media Director

The Plot Thickens podcast

<p>Archive Photos/Getty</p> John Ford

Archive Photos/Getty

John Ford

For season 5 (out now), TCM explores one of Hollywood’s most mercurial, complicated figures: director John Ford. Host Ben Mankiewicz strips back the mythology of the Stagecoach director to reveal the man beneath the eye patch, unpacking his impact on American culture, masculinity, and cinema. —Maureen Lee Lenker, Senior Writer

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