Accused Taylor Swift stalker David Crowe ordered to jail after third incident in five days

NEW YORK — Taylor Swift’s latest alleged stalker was ordered locked up Thursday on a charge of violating a court order that he stay away from the star’s Tribeca townhouse.

Seattle man David Crowe, 33, was arraigned Thursday in Manhattan Criminal Court on a charge of second-degree criminal contempt.

That charge — stemming from his arrest outside Swift’s house on Wednesday — sits on top of earlier counts of stalking and harassment brought after Crowe was nabbed on Saturday and on Monday in separate approaches to the home.

Judge Marisol Martinez Alonso ordered Crowe to jail under a New York law meant to protect crime victims from people who violate court orders. He was also ordered to undergo a psychiatric exam requested by his defense lawyer.

As officers led him from the courtroom on Thursday afternoon, Crowe started mumbling something that was not very clear but ended with the word “survival.”

He wore a beige hoodie that had the words “Love does not just sit there” printed at the back.

Crowe had been released from custody Wednesday after he was arraigned on charges of trying to break into Swift’s Franklin St. apartment on Monday.

Immediately upon his release, he walked 10 minutes from the courthouse back to the pop star’s pad, where he was seen acting erratically, according to police sources.

Prosecutors say that by returning to Swift’s house, Crowe made clear he was unable to obey a court order.

Crowe’s visits to Swift’s house since Saturday were not his first.

A security worker at Swift’s building previously told police he encountered Crowe there around 30 times between Nov. 25 and Monday, hoping to speak to the “Bad Blood” singer, and was told to leave at least 10 times, according to a criminal complaint.

The incidents included a Saturday episode in which cops found Crowe at the address, gave him a summons and sent him to Brooklyn Criminal Court to answer an outstanding warrant from several years ago, a police source previously told The New York Daily News

Swift has been victimized by a crazed fans and stalkers for years.

In July 2022, 35-year-old Joshua Christian of Brooklyn allegedly shouted threats into the intercom at Swift’s Tribeca townhouse, warning that he would “hurt her if they weren’t together,” a police source said.

Morgan Mank was charged with drunkenly crashing his vehicle into the side of the townhouse in January 2022 and stated that he would not leave the scene of the crash until he met Swift.

Other incidents involved a“super-fan” in 2021, a stalker in 2019 and a musician looking for career help in 2016.

Stalkers have also tried to get into Swift’s other properties, including her home in Beverly Hills and her mansion in Rhode Island.