Accidentally leaked Wonder Woman concept art has only got fans more hyped for the open-world game

 Wonder Woman game
Wonder Woman game

Concept art from Monolith's upcoming Wonder Woman game has been leaked by one of its developers, and it's got fans even more excited about the project.

Earlier this week, a developer at Monolith Productions was spotted with a piece of Wonder Woman concept art as their LinkedIn header image. Naturally, once fans began sharing the blurry image, the developer removed it, but traces of it can still be found online - which has generated a lot of chatter amongst fans of the DC superhero.

As you can see in the tweet below, the concept art features Diana (aka Wonder Woman) alongside two other versions of the hero - one in Wonder Woman's Amazonian outfit, and another in futuristic armor. We already know that Monolith's game will "introduce an original story set in the DC Universe," so it won't follow what we've already seen from the movies.

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Since this wasn't actually supposed to be shared so publicly, this is all we have to work with for now. We first found out about the Wonder Woman game back in 2021, so it would be nice to find out more about this mysterious title soon. Although likely just a coincidence, some fans are theorizing that we could find out more about the game during today's Opening Night Live presentation at Gamescom 2023, but we'll have to wait and see on that one.

The good news is that now that this concept art is out in the open, DC and Wonder Woman fans are feeling more optimistic about the upcoming game. "The lasso. The Themyscira. The outfit. The everything. Wonder Woman game looks sO F****** GOOD, I NEED A TRAILER," one very happy fan shared on Twitter.

"Haven't even seen a shred of gameplay yet and I already know that this Wonder Woman game is going to SLAP!!!", another Twitter user writes, alongside a photo of the same concept art. Others have pointed out specifics in the concept art, like the mysterious woman to the left of Wonder Woman: "Not sure what’s going on with the lady on the left, but overall, I like what I see here, especially WW’s design,"  another user adds.

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