Abseiling road protesters halt Frankfurt traffic

Abseiling from a bridge teetering over a motorway -

climate activists got their message across in Frankfurt Monday morning (October 26).

Holding a banner saying: "No planes. No cars.", masked activists hung from ropes to call for an end to the clearing of part of the Dannenroeder forest, to make way for a highway.

The felling started this month with police removing activists from tree houses they had built in protest.

The A49 highway across Dannenroeder forest lies in a nature protection area with some trees aged around 250 to 300 years old.

Part of the forest also falls under European biodiversity conservation regulations, according to the environmental activist groups.

Police and rescue teams worked to bring the protesters down from the bridges, with the A3, A5 and the A661, all busy commuter routes around Frankfurt, impacted by the demonstration.