Abortion-Rights Protesters March in New York City

Demonstrators turned out in New York City on Saturday, May 14, for one of many rallies taking place nationwide in support of abortion rights.

These videos taken by Ben Von Klemperer show protesters marching over the Brooklyn Bridge.

The “Bans Off Our Bodies” events were organized by groups including the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Planned Parenthood Action Fund, UltraViolet, MoveOn, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), and took place two weeks after a leaked draft Supreme Court opinion indicated that the court would overturn the landmark Roe v Wade decision of 1973.

On May 11, the US Senate voted against advancing the Women’s Health Protection Act, a Democrat-led bill that would bolster abortion rights at a federal level, by 51 to 49. All Republican senators and one Democrat, Sen. Joe Manchin, voted against the bill. Credit: Ben Von Klemperer via Storyful

Video transcript


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