Abortion Legalization Ad Painted Over in Buenos Aires

A block-long Amnesty International Argentina ad in Buenos Aires — part of their recently launched “say goodbye to clandestine abortions” campaign in the country — was painted over by unknown persons overnight on March 2, the group said.

The mural advertisement was put up by Amnesty International on the Edificio del Plata near the intersection of Carlos Pellegrini and Perón on February 29 and read, “All of them said goodbye to clandestine abortions. Now it’s our turn.” The top part of the mural, showing a timeline of abortion legalization in countries around the world, was left untouched.

In a press release, Amnesty International Argentina (AIA) said the defacing of the ad reflected “absolute intolerance” and was an “attack on freedom of expression.”

“Amnesty International reinforces its commitment in the fight for legal abortion in Argentina and will … monitor the debate process in Congress,” the organization said, following President Alberto Fernández’s announcement that he will send an abortion legalization bill to the legislators within the next ten days.

In April 2018, after mass pro-legalization rallies in Buenos Aires and across the country, Argentina’s Lower House pushed a much-debated bill to legalize abortion through to the Senate, where it was rejected. Senators voted 38 against and 31 in favor of the bill that proposed to legalize abortion up to 14 weeks into pregnancy, media reported.

On February 19, thousands of pro-legalization and abortion-rights activists rallied to urge the country’s government to legalize abortion. Credit: Amnistía Internacional Argentina/Tomás Ramírez Labrousse via Storyful