Abby Abadi defends decision to celebrate Eid with ex-husband's family

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12 May – Abby Abadi recently expressed hope that people will stop questioning the close relationship between her and her ex-husband Norman Hakim and their two families.

The actress, who would always unite their two families during Eid, shared a TikTok video of her and husband Faizal welcoming Norman and wife Memey's family on the second day of Eid at their house and expressed her happiness that they were able to share the moments together again.

"Thank you, Allah, our kids are happy, mama abah, mummy papa are happy as well. We are close, and we live in harmony in hopes of God's blessings," she wrote in the video.

Abby and Memey are close to one another
Abby and Memey are close to one another

Explaining herself on Instagram, Abby said that she received a lot of comments from people questioning their closeness, and was perplexed as to why their two families can't live in harmony.

"A year before, an artiste questioned why must celebrate Eid with an ex, and all that. Hello? Can't you see that we are with our respective partners and our children? We do live near each other, and this is what we do every year. We would plan trips together because we have a lot of kids and we want everybody to be together. Why is that such a problem?" she asked.

Abby also stated that there are still people who accused her of wanting to reunite with Norman, even after 14 years of divorce.

"Let's cleanse our hearts. Just pray that we would all live in His blessings, that we would continue to be a family," she added.

Abby and Norman tied the knot back in 2002 and ended their marriage six years later. Norman later married actress Memey Suhaiza, while Abby wedded her now husband Faizal Zakaria in 2015.

Norman and Memey have three children together
Norman and Memey have three children together

(Photo Source: Abby Abadi Instagram, Memey Suhaiza Instagram)

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