Abbott: Texas prepared in ‘unlikely event’ Biden federalizes National Guard

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said Texas is prepared in the “unlikely event” that President Biden federalizes the National Guard as the standoff over the southern border heats up.

“Well, first, I’d be shocked. That would be a boneheaded move on his part, total disaster,” Abbott told conservative host Tucker Carlson on his new show “Uncensored.”

“For one, as you might imagine, we are prepared in the event that that unlikely event does occur to make sure that we will be able to continue exactly what we’ve been doing over the past month and that is building these barriers,” Abbott added.

This week, the Texas National Guard appeared to ignore a Supreme Court decision approving the removal of the razor wire barriers, and continued construction along the border. Abbott has justified his decision, while criticizing Biden for not enforcing immigration laws.

The governor cited the constitutional authority a state has to defend itself against invasion, as the surge of migrants arriving at the border continues.

Republican governors in several states have backed Abbott in his standoff against the federal government.

Abbott told Carlson that the state has deployed members of the Texas Department of Public Safety “as well as other law enforcement officers” paired with National Guard members from other states to the border — but said having even more would help.

The Texas governor said he has not spoken to Biden about the standoff, but in the past has provided the administration with letters “that had enough immediate solutions” that would not require “any new law” to be passed or signed.

Abbott said he would be “shocked and disappointed” if the states who pledged to support him in his efforts ended up not sending members of their National Guard to Texas.

“They now are joined together with us and this is a fight for the future of American and they all know it,” he said Friday. “And so I believe that they will all be in on this effort.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) and former President Trump each have pledged support for Abbott in the newly developing challenge at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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