Abbey Clancy reveals the three ‘sexual’ emojis husband Peter Crouch sends her to ‘get lucky’

Abbey Clancy has revealed the three emojis her husband Peter Crouch sends her when he wants to have sex.

The model, 37, and the former England footballer, 42, have bared the personal details of their love life in the latest episode of their recently launched relationships podcast, The Therapy Crouch, which they co-host together.

Clancy struck up the topic of conversation by sharing her “whine of the week,” which is the one time she’s allowed to air a complaint on the podcast.

“I just don’t know how long I can go on with these sexual emojis that you keep sending me,” she said to her husband.

“If the kids go to school and he hears me like, put the key in the door I’m in and no one’s in the house, I just get a beaver and an aubergine emoji text,” she explained.

Clancy said that the last emoji was too obscene to discuss on air: “I’m not even gonna say the last one but you can imagine what it is.”

Though, she did hint at what the third emoji could be, adding: “It’s got a bit of hydration in there.

“How vile is that? Am I supposed to go, ‘Oh yeah, now I’m bang up for it.’”

Crouch laughed at her point but still defended his emoji choices, telling her: “The beaver emoji is the best emoji out of the lot. It’s incredible.”

His wife asked: “Do you think you’re gonna get lucky with those messages?” to which he replied: “I’m just letting you know, I’m putting my cards on the table.”

Clancy said she found it “hilarious” that he chose the aubergine emoji to “represent his manhood” and brutally suggested he use the “peanut” emoji instead.

The footballer stood by his signalling, though, urging his listeners to “try out” sending the beaver emoji to their wives.

Fans of the couple have been reacting to the clip, with many praising the couple for the “hilarious” conversation.

“I absolutely love Peter Crouch. What a man!” wrote a listener on Twitter.

“If you don’t ask you don’t get!” added one fan.

Another listener commented: “And they say romance is dead…”

The pair started dating in 2006 and married in 2011. They welcomed their first daughter, Sophia Ruby, also in 2011. They have three younger children – Liberty, seven; Johnny, five; and Jack, three.