Aaron Kwok had a cancer scare after filming "I'm Livin' It"

7 Nov– Aaron Kwok recently admitted that he was so immersed in his role in the new Wong Hing Fang movie, "I'm Livin' It" that he thought he had cancer at one point.

As reported on Metro, the actor, who sat down for an interview during the Actor Focus segment of the London East Asia Film Festival (LEAFF), stated that he'd taken drastic measures into his role as a homeless man that he began suffering psychosomatic symptoms of one having cancer.

"In the middle of the film, the character gets cancer. So after finishing my movie, I thought I got the same thing. My mind is telling me of the symptom. I was thinking, "Is this the same symptoms? Do I have cancer right now?" he said.

Aaron revealed that he even went to the doctors and had an X-ray just to make sure, and was told that there is nothing to worry about.

Speaking about the movie, which delves on the topic of homelessness, Aaron said that he knew he wanted to be a part of it after reading the script at the Cannes Film Festival.

"The story is global. It's about love and family, and it's a hopeful story," he said.

(Photo Source: LEAFF)