Aaron Jones

Fearless Forecast: 1395 TOTAL YDS, 68 REC, 11 TD
Projected Rank: 9

Video transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: So on the one hand, Aaron Jones now appears to be running in committee with AJ Dillon. And maybe you don't like that. But on the other hand, there are now over 200 vacated targets in Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers is still the quarterback. And Aaron Jones might just be this team's most dangerous receiving threat.

Jones has averaged over 1,400 scrimmage yards per season with 13 touchdowns over the last three years. So we know basically that he can do it all. Yes, he's going to give away some touches to AJ Dillon. AJ Dillon's a really good player. But some of the most valuable touches in this offense are still going to go to Jones, and we expect it to still be a great offense. I'm going to forecast 880 rushing yards for Jones, 68 catches on the season for 515 yards, and 11 total TDs.

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