Aarif Rahman Lee admits he is now married



16 Mar – China-based Hong Kong actor Aarif Rahman Lee recently announced that he is now married.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor shared the good news at a press conference of his new acting project, and showed off his wedding ring for the first time.

He said, "I got married a few months ago and wanted to keep a low profile, but someone photographed me with someone and called her my new girlfriend. In fact, that person is just a friend."

Aarif said that he never planned to make it public since he married his girlfriend in a low-key event. However, he has no issue admitting it if asked.

Speaking about his wife, Aarif, who is of Arab, Malay, and Chinese descent, said that his wife is an outsider who is five years younger than him, and that she is also of mixed race like himself.

"But I have no plan to reveal her to the media," he said.

However, Aarif stated that he and his wife have yet to go on their honeymoon due to his busy schedule.


Aarif shows off his wedding band during an interview
Aarif shows off his wedding band during an interview


(Photo Source: Aarif Rahman IG, Mingpao)