94-Year-Old Man Makes 35th Appearance at Bowling Open in Las Vegas

A 94-year-old Tulsa man proved age is only a number as he bowled his 35th United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Open tournament on May 18 and 19.

Video shared by the USBC shows Oral Wingard of Tulsa, Oklahoma, “throwing lumber” in Las Vegas during his two-day appearance at the tournament.

Wingard bowled his first USBC Open in 1976, and in 2005 threw his career high, a 627 series. Wingard, touted on Twitter as the USBC “bowler of the day” on May 19, said he “got into” bowling before World War Two. “That’s when I first started throwing the bowling ball a little bit,” he said.

The USBC told Storyful the tournament was first held in 1901, and that it now comprises 79 consecutive days – May 1 to July 18 – in which thousands of bowlers compete for the highest score. Credit: USBC via Storyful

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